Welcome to Play4kidz

The vision of the creators of play4kidz, is to build a site that offers every child from the ages of two to eleven, all the tools necessary, to create an amazing party or an elaborate event, according to the preferences and needs of each individual. Our aim is to make everyone feel at home in a place where children can be in the limelight.

We will strive to offer you reliable services and show you the passion and professionalism you deserve and that we tried to show your since we opened the doors of play4kidz.

The name play4kidz, was suggested by children through a survey conducted in the initial phase of conceptualisation and design of this project. We wanted to give children a say and the opportunity to choose the name of the space in order for them to be able to participate actively in the development of this project. With this in mind, we also initiated a competition on the Internet so that you all could help us name our mascots. The people who fell in love and supported play4kidz from the beginning, chose the name Dino and Elly, for the cheeky dinosaur and the playful elephant that will be a part of our world.

Working Hours


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Monday & Tuesday: Closed

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Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 – 21:00