Have a look at all our amazing games


Pick a pony and go for a ride. Do not fear the obstacles, our ponies will take care of you until the end of your ride…and who knows, by the end you might become best friends.


Focus, aim, bowl…Did you get a strike? Don’t worry if not, you can practise all day long!

Note: Suitable for children with disabilities.


Test your endurance! Everything might look simple before you try it, but soon you will change your mind! Hold tight and spin around! And don’t forget... if you get scared you can scream at the top of your lungs!! Can you handle it?

Bungee Trampoline

Hold tight and jump. Jump higher and feel like you’re flying.

Digi Wall

Have you ever climbed up high, like they do in the steep mountains? Here is your chance! If you can, climb to the top but don’t get scared! If you fall, you will land on soft ground! And if this does not seem like a big deal to you, know that in the climbing walls you will find hidden games!

Palm Trees

If you see me up high in the palm trees don’t get scared. I am not in danger. I may not be a monkey but I am climbing to reach the top. It might not be easy but isn’t it nice that kidz can climb these trees?

Net World

Look here, look there, look everywhere. Can you find your friends? Go up and then go down. Will you get tired? Climb ropes, roll down slides and ... go back to start again! Discover hidden passageways in a six-story tower with nets. What are you waiting for?

Note: Suitable for children with disabilities.


Jump, hop, reach high, flip around and laugh as loud as you can!

Note:Suitable for children with disabilities.

Soft Play

For the little ones, between the ages of one to four. Colourful balls and soft cushions form bridges and slides for great laughs and safe landings. Puzzles and riddles to tease your brain surround you while you play.

Note: Suitable for children with disabilities.

Electric Bull

It’s battle you have to win. Do not let the bull knock you down and lose. Hold tight until it gets tired.


Get on board, look for the hidden treasure like a pirate and find your way out of the catacombs. When everyone is on board, new adventures are ahead.