Afternoon Club

What are your plans after school?

With our full of energy, trained staff, and love for kids, we organize a creative kids afternoon club, providing after school care, protection and educational services for kindergarten and elementary school children.

The “Afternoon club” Is using the premises of Play4kidz specifically for the activities of the program. It is suitable for ages between 3-12 years old.

The ‘Afternoon club’ package we offer includes:


• Small groups
• Trained and experienced staff
• Lunch and afternoon snack
• Doing homework and preparation for the next day
• A specifically designed place for children to rest and relax
• Creative activities e.g. Drama, crafts, painting, music, fencing, computers (the activities will be discussed and decided with every parent separately)
• Use of the Play4kidz playground
• Transportation from School to Play4kidz (Limited routes)